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Welcome to my web page!

Paige’s Page - Welcome to my web page!

August 3rd: Let’s get the party rock!

25thFalling in love can definitely change your life. It can lift your spirits high, but it may also crumble you apart. However, marriage is different from being in love. Marriage needs the partners to be one – in soul, mind, and body. It needs more than just love; it needs patience, respect, compromise, and trust. Marriage is like an empty box that needs to be filled. How you treat each other determines what kinds of values and stuffs you are putting into that box. If you treat each other with disrespect and unkindness, it’ll put dirt and molds in the box, ultimately leading it to its demise and breakage. Nevertheless, if you continuously fill it with wonderful actions and clean it with love and respect, you will expect that box to be full and maintain its sanity. And this is how we see our parents to be – they have tried so hard to keep the box of their marriage sane and organized for the last 25 years and I think it’s worth a surprise party.

My name is Paige and I am cordially inviting you to the 25th wedding anniversary of my parents on the 3rd of August, 3 o’clock in the afternoon, at the Ritz Carlton Sanya. Programs and dinner will then follow at Ritz Carlton Sanya’s grand ballroom. My parents have always been a sucker for romance and a lover for beaches and tranquil places, and I know that Ritz Carlton Sanya will definitely excite them. They’d be really thrilled to see their loved ones and friends around the place as they celebrate one of the most exciting events in their life. Added to that is the gorgeousness of the garden where we will all be seated to witness their renewal of vows after 25 years in marriage.

Because of this, I urge everyone to please come in clothing that’s appropriate for the event. Since 25 years in marriage is symbolized by silver, please come to the ceremony in a semi-formal to formal outfit that’s in harmony with the theme – and that’s silver. Females can either have a long gown with silvery hem or summer skirts with silver lining and the likes, but never long pants. The dress shouldn’t really be silver in color, but it should have a touch or a little hue of silver in it to show appreciation to my parent’s 25th wedding anniversary. Men can wear collared shirts and suits of colors that they prefer, but never denims. If you cannot get a suitable dress for the party, visit these links to get some cheap prom dresses.

See you there!

How to De-Stress

Indulge into MusicResearch shows that stress can trigger cancer cells. Haven’t you noticed that experts always tell people to avoid getting mad, sad, or frustrated most of the time? The reason for this is that the body releases certain type of hormones that cause cancer cells to work and when you live in an environment where you feel these emotions frequently, you tend to provide room for cancer cells to grow. This scenario is quite common to a lot of people, particularly to those who are workaholics. Therefore, it is very vital to always have time to de-stress and relieve your body from the negative energy. Here’s how:

Indulge with Music – Experts note that music has positive effects to the body, especially when listening to soothing music. A lot of people would always indulge with sweet and melodious music at night prior to sleeping in order for their mind, body, and spirit to relax. You can either sing or dance to your favorite song, and no matter how you indulge with it, music will always be one of the easiest ways to de-stress yourself.

Go to Salon – Whether it’s a haircut, a manicure and pedicure package with foot spa, or a hair color, salon services can always ease the pain in your heart. These can uplift your spirits and can make you feel lighter as well, particularly if you feel happy and satisfied with the service afterwards. Nevertheless, you need to have extra money for this option.

Get a Massage – This is another surefire way to de-stress. A good massage helps enliven your nerves as it also releases burden from the insides. It paves way for a smoother flow of blood and faster healing of any nerve woes that may be bugging you for days. Just like going to the salon, you might also need extra money for this, but you can surely find more affordable massage spas these days.

Spa – Speaking of spa, never fail to try a salon spa during your down times. Spa services are equipped with the perfect natural tools that don’t only help relax your mind, but also enriches the flow of blood in the body and the breathing execution of the lungs as well.

Have a Vacation – Spend some time with your loved ones in an exclusive resort; go to an amusement park and unleash the inner kid in you; take a plunge in the blues; go fishing with your loved; and just do anything that you want to do. Taking a break from work and from the real world can help you breathe slower and lighter and think better and clearer.

Always give yourself a me-time. It is very necessary to take a breather from whatever tasks or schedules that you are trying to accomplish. This way, you will not only relieve stress, but you will also live longer.